Campton Bog

The Campton Bog is a great place to do some flat water paddling. This is a scenic area that has mountains as the back drop in almost all directions.IMG_3784 Whether looking to relax and enjoy the outdoors for the day or to go nature viewing this is a prime spot. The wildlife in this part of New Hampshire is amazing! Look for Waterfowl, deer, moose, birds, otters, beavers and more among the vast variety of marshland plants.


Bog Pond (beginning where you launch)

Coming in from either Bog Rd. or Beech Hill Rd. you’ll start at Bog pond where you can park your car and launch your watercraft. You can paddle around and check out the beautiful views on this pond, as you paddle about .3 miles to the other side of the pond it starts to narrow. Paddling up with this way is a lot of fun.  If you wish to continue not to far up is a small beaver damn. You will have to portage over this so be sure to have on the proper footwear. On your way back if you want a little more excitement in your trip you can get some momentum and steer your canoe or kayak right over this damn, try not to flip! After the damn the bog continues for a good stretch until the main channel is blocked by another beaver damn. If you made it this far and head back you would have completed your 3-3.5 mile round trip tour of the Campton Bog!

Getting There

Arriving at the Campton Bog from I-93 is fairly simple. From 93 you take exit 27. Go West onto Blair Rd. If you were heading north on 93 you would take your first left and if you were heading south on 93 you would take your first right onto Blair Rd. Then take your first left (1/10th of a mile if that) onto Bog Rd. Follow this road for another 2.3 miles and it will bring you right to Bog Pond. Launch your watercraft or just walk around, but enjoy the day!


When driving on Bog Rd. to get the Bog pond make sure you do not take beaver brook Rd. After driving on Bog Rd. for about .7 miles it bears right and want to follow it. If you keep going straight it will bring you out of the way onto beaver brook Rd.

Also I have been on this Bog a few times now and I highly recommend it. The views are great and it’s secluded; of the 3 times I have been I haven’t seen anybody else on the water besides myself and the people I came with.


One more pic for good luck!


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